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About Us

We're Professional

Decades of experience in architecting, developing and deploying custom software solutions.

We're Craftmans

We care deeply about our craft, continuous improvement and high quality.

We're Effective

While we always strive for excellence, we value pragmatism over perfection.

Flexible Arrangements & Collaborations

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Our Services

Software Development

Customised software development, with strong preference for functional languages.

Web Applications

Complete services on developing full-stack modern web applications.


Certified professionals and extensive experience with our preferred cloud provider AWS.

Information Systems

Developing information systems that solve real business problems.

Agile practices

Maximising transparency, velocity and real value by using agile practices.


General consulting on all facets of software design, development, deployment etc.

Our Toolset

We’ve skilled in a wide range of technologies.

Please see some technologies we prefer to use for our projects, favouring rapid development, global reach and scalability.

  • 01- Python, Django, Flask, Celery, REST API

  • 02- ReactJS, Redux, ImmutableJS

  • 03- Clojure/ClojureScript, Reagent, Re-frame, Reitit

  • 04- AWS for deployment and use of native services

  • 05- CI/CD, Docker, Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis, AWS Code*

  • 06- HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Bulma CSS

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